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Meet our Master Chocolatier

During an intense three years training under the uncompromising eye of Master Chocolatier Laurent Perriraz, Thomas Schnetzler learned the craft of creating fine patisserie, pralines, truffles and other chocolate specialties.

After topping the class and earning his National Diploma, Thomas came to Australia to work with the Hyatt Hotel Group where he specialised in crafting chocolate creations for the five-star establishment, as well as desserts for the hotel’s banquet facility. During this time Thomas created desserts and striking chocolate pieces for royalty and heads of state, and trained eager young chefs in the secrets of working with chocolate. His life-long passion for chocolate took him on to further education in Singapore and Switzerland, honing his skills as a specialist in his field.

Thomas joined Lindt in 2004 as Master Chocolatier for Australia and a Lindt Ambassador. In his latter role he educates gourmets on the mysteries of chocolate - how to taste it using all five senses, the history and manufacturing process, as well as Lindt’s important contribution to chocolate making with the invention of the conche. Thomas also hosts Lindt’s monthly Chocolate Appreciation Evenings held at the Lindt Chocolat Cafés in Sydney and Melbourne and is a regular recipe contributor to magazines, newspapers and TV.

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Send Thomas all your culinary questions at or try  delectable chocolate recipes.

 “I am looking forward to hearing from fellow Lindt chocolate lovers and sharing some great chocolate tips.”

Yours chocolately,

Thomas Schnetzler