LINDT EXCELLENCE is nowadays available in more than 30 flavours
LINDT EXCELLENCE is nowadays available in more than 30 flavours

Created in 1989, LINDT EXCELLENCE was the brainchild of one of LINDT Maîtres Chocolatiers who, inspired by world travel and his love for fine food, set about experimenting with different blends of cocoa bean, percentages of cocoa, and the effect of blending varying combinations of cocoa butter and sugar. After extensive experimentation using the highest quality cocoa beans from Ecuador, Madagascar, Ghana and the Caribbean islands, the Cocoa 70% tablet was born. The taste was so refined, so lingering and the texture so exquisite, that they called it LINDT EXCELLENCE: the only fitting name for a bar that embodied the best that premium chocolate could offer.

Since that first bar, all variants of LINDT EXCELLENCE promise to deliver the same high quality cocoa, fine texture and rich aroma. From the moment it begins to melt in your mouth you’ll experience multi-layered pleasure as you savourthe aromatic flavoursof this extraordinary chocolate. The refined consumption of LINDT EXCELLENCE elevates you to the finer things in life, providing the ultimate sensorial experience that will open your mind and take you on a journey to new places of culinary pleasure.

Lindt Master Chocolatier 5 Senses

“When it comes to cocoa percentage, everyone experiences chocolate slightly differently.”

LINDT Maître Chocolatier, Thomas Schnetzler, says:

When it comes to cocoa percentages, the experience is really subjective.

Everyone tastes chocolate slightly different and enjoys various degrees of bitterness and intensity.

Discovering which cocoa percentage is the one you enjoy most is more important that simply finding the highest cocoa percentage available. The percentage shown on many dark chocolate products refers to the percentage by weight of all ingredients derived from the cocoa bean. A higher percentage means more chocolate, and less of the remaining ingredients, primarily sugar. A higher percentage also means a more intense, bitter, chocolate flavour. You can also try our mood matcher to find the perfect Excellence to suit your mood. Most importantly, savour the chocolate and simply enjoy. Bon Appetit."

LINDT EXCELLENCE 70% Cocoa  chocolate, with a cocoa amount of 70% has a rich and complex character. The initial taste is slightly bitter, but with a well-balanced level of sourness. This then develops into a softer flowery taste with hints of vanilla. The bitter and sweet flavours complement each other and ensure a unique and superior taste experience. Every chocolate lover will appreciate the harmonious and lingering character of this delicacy. The intense and strong aroma of the cocoa, dried fruits and tobacco gives EXCELLENCE Cocoa 70% its full-bodied, long lasting intense flavour. In addition to the Cocoa 70% flavour, we offer as well a mild 70% variety. The difference is in the aroma and the taste. The mild 70% variety evokes the aroma of citrus, vanilla and fresh leaves. It is a smooth and creamy dark chocolate that is neither too bitter nor overpowering. LINDT EXCELLENCE 70% Cocoa has a bright floral flavour with fruit and vanilla notes.

LINDT EXCELLENCE Dark 85% tablets offer you a very intense character. The first impression is somewhat bitter and dry, but the mellowing effect of the cocoa butter ensures this taste is well balanced. A considered tasting will allow you to detect hints of dried fruit, liquorice and tobacco as well as fresh earthy notes. The exceptional dark chocolate embodies the essence of cocoa beans; the colour is deep brown, the aroma is roasted, coffee and woody. LINDT EXCELLENCE 85% Cocoa has a woody citrus flavour with notes of herbs and red berries.


A full bodied dark chocolate masterfully crafted to be smooth and rich with a profound cocoa flavour and surprisingly balanced taste. The colour is deep ebony; the aroma is earthy, dried leaves, liquorice. The taste is smooth and rich on the palate with profound cocoa flavour and surprisingly balanced taste. LINDT EXCELLENCE 90% Cocoa is earthy, smooth and rich with notes of vanilla, espresso and toasted nuts.


For those with a true appreciation of the dark art of chocolate – the crown of dark chocolate; LINDT EXCELLENCE 99% Cocoa reveals the true taste and strength of exceptional cocoa beans. With its strong flavour, full bodied cocoa taste and intense smell, it melts slowly in the mouth with persistent, smoky and roasted flavours – the ideal choice for truly sophisticated palates. The colour is jet-black, the aroma earthy, with roasted coffee and dried plums, and an incomparable cocoa flavour is received, with notes of vanilla, rich fudge and blackberries. The taste is the most intense chocolate experience possible, delivered with superb texture and a superior melt. Available in 50g and available exclusively in our Café and Shops .