• Cafés and Shops
    Experience the best of LINDT chocolate at our exquisite Cafés and Shops.
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  • Cocoa Farming Program
    Our commitment to sustainability starts with a bean, a tree, and a farmer.
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    Discover LINDT FRUIT SENSATION, by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers. A unique combination of fine Lindt dark chocolate and a soft fruit flavoured centre.
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  • LINDT Difference
    The foundation for the incomparable LINDT taste comes from the careful selection, in-house processing and blending of high quality beans from the world’s most renowned origins. Committed to sustainability, the dedicated Lindt & Sprüngli Farming Programs.
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  • Delectable Lindt Recipes
    Discover delicious recipes created with Lindt Chocolate.
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  • Evenings of Excellence
    When the evening belongs to you, discover more ways to appreciate the finest dark chocolate.
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Discover the LINDT Difference

Since 1845 LINDT has been dedicated to producing the world's finest chocolate from bean to bar. Our Master Chocolatiers have been driven by their passion for skilfully creating delicate masterpieces and the finest chocolate.

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