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A decadent, well-balanced hazelnut spread with generous 25% of finest hazelnuts. Fine quality cocoa joins the delicate aroma of hazelnuts, carefully roasted by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers to enhance and intensify their flavour.

The ultimate Lindt Hot Chocolate at home.

Create your own rich and decadent hot chocolate. Perfect for indulging.

Discover Lindt NOCCIOLATTE Bar.

Whole roasted hazelnuts in decadent hazelnut crème and finest Lindt milk chocolate.

The range of Lindt spreads on a plate

Lindt Spread

Whether you're indulging in a delightful snack or a luxurious brunch, the Lindt Master Chocolatiers have combined the highest quality ingredients to create a delicious spread of superior taste and quality. Enjoy our delicious chocolate in a spreadable form as a perfect treat.



Noccio is the Italian word for hazelnut and Latte translates to milk. Whole roasted hazelnuts in chocolate hazelnut crème all encased in finest Lindt milk chocolate.

Friends sharing an open box of Lindt Swiss Luxury pralines.
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Panetone with Lindt Hazelnut spread
Lindor Sticks
Lindt Hazlenut spread on a croissant
Lindor sticks as an on the go snack
Nocciolatte bar
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