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LINDOR Wreath Tutorial


  • 30 to 50 cm wire wreath frame

  • Floral wire (or hot glue gun)

  • Clippers

  • Seasonal summer foliage (like eucalyptus or rosemary)

  • Berries (Little bundles from your local craft store will do)

  • LINDOR balls strung together and tied with red/gold ribbon



  1. Gather all the materials and lay them out on a large, flat surface. 
    Wreath tutorial
  2. Assemble wreath by taking pieces of cut foliage and tying them with wire to frame. Follow the natural curve of branches.
    Wreath tutorial

  3. Continue layering pieces in the same direction, tying tightly. Exposed wire will get covered as you go.
    Wreath tutorial
  4. When you have come all the way around, simply tie wire ends tightly to one another. Cut wire and do a few extra twists to secure.
    Wreath tutorial

  5. Cover any visible wire by using small stems. Add decorative elements. 
    Wreath tutorial
  6. String the LINDOR balls through the wreath and wire or glue gun in place. Add bow and secure with wire or glue gun.
    Wreath tutorial