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Lindt EXCELLENCE 99% Cocoa 50g

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The crown of dark chocolate which reveals the true taste and strength of exceptional cocoa beans. With its strong flavour, full bodied cocoa taste and intense smell, it melts slowly in the mouth with persistent, smoky and roasted flavours - The ideal choice for truly sophisticated palates. The colour is jet-black, the aroma earthy, with roasted coffee and dried plums, and an incomparable cocoa flavour is received, with notes of vanilla, rich fudge and blackberries. The taste is the most intense chocolate experience possible, delivered with superb texture and a superior melt.
Serving per pack: 7
Serving size: 7.2g
  Per serving Per 100g
Energy (kJ) 176kJ 2440kJ
Fat(g) 3.7g 51.0g
- of which saturates(g) 2.2g 31.0g
Carbohydrate(g) 0.6g 8.0g
- of which sugars(g) 0.1g 1.0g
Protein(g) 1.1g 15.0g
Sodium 2mg 25mg


Ingredients: Cocoa mass, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, demerara sugar.
Allergens: May contain tree nuts, milk and soy
Cocoa Solids %: Dark chocolate contains: cocoa solids 99% min.

Tasting Notes

Deep dark colour, firm snap and a mesmerizing earthy aroma with notes of roasted coffee, dried plum and liquorice urges to discover more.

Truly intense flavour, full bodied cocoa notes and balanced sharpness melts slowly on the palate with delectable smoky and roasted flavours with hints of fruitiness.

The smallest amount of rich demerara sugar provides richness and depth without taking away from the intense cocoa flavour.


Deep cocoa notes, roasted coffee, fruit and liquorice


Intense, length of palate and roasted flavours

From the Maitre

The deep dark colour of this stunning chocolate promises a big chocolate which Excellence 99% Cocoa delivers in spades. Boasting full chocolate intensity and a stunning length of palate, the flavour of Excellence 99% Cocoa stays with you on your palate just like a fine wine. This also makes a perfect companion to a smokey single malt whiskey.

From our kitchen to yours

Step into the Maître Chocolatier’s kitchen and learn from the best about the secrets of chocolate making, baking and creating confectionery delights.

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