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Lindt EXCELLENCE Swiss Fondue

Everything tastes better dipped in melted Lindt chocolate; and this fondue is the best of both worlds, combining dark and milk chocolate for the perfect balance.

Undisputedly Switzerland’s national dish, fondue has been a favourite for centuries. Fondue is the French word for ‘melted’ and it was first developed with alpine cheese, and then of course it was a logic step to enjoy it with melted chocolate as well. Lindt Maître Chocolatier Thomas Schnetzler says,” You really aim for the chocolate to harmonize with what you are dipping and not overpower the dish so I would recommend– as in this particular recipe, use a mix of Lindt EXCELLENCE 78% Cocoa Dark Chocolate and Lindt EXCELLENCE Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate. But as with all Fondue, the sky is the limit. Use some EXCELLENCE Chilli for a bit of a kick, a splash of your favourite liqueur or even a pinch of gingerbread spice or some lemon myrtle for a special touch. To dip, some fruit such as strawberries, mandarin segments or grapes are delicious and light, but macadamia brownie or pieces of shortbread are decadent and truly amazing.”

The Swiss take the Fondue very seriously and there are certainly some faux pas to avoid ???? Traditionalists say you should only stir the fondue clockwise in a figure-eight pattern to ensure the chocolate doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot. And you should avoid dipping while someone else’s fork is still in the fondue – if you can help it!


  • 3 bars (100 g each) Lindt EXCELLENCE 78% Cacao Dark Chocolate, chopped
  • 3 bars (100 g each) Lindt EXCELLENCE Extra Creamy Milk Chocolate, chopped
  • 1¾ cups (430 mL) Thickened cream, 35% fat


  • Splash of liqueur such as Grand Marnier or Rum
  • Spices if using
  • To serve: Assorted fruits like strawberries, grapes, bananas, brownie pieces and anything else you desire


Step 1.

Combine all the chocolate in a medium bowl.

Step 2.

In a saucepan, bring the cream (and spices if using) to a gentle simmer on medium heat, taking care it does not overflow.

Pour hot cream over chocolate so it is completely covered, and let stand until chocolate has melted, about 2 minutes. Stir with a whisk until mixture is smooth and glossy or use a stick blender to create a smooth, glossy mixture.

Add any liqueur if using and mix in to combine.

Step 3.

Transfer to a pre warmed fondue pot and set over low heat. (Be careful as chocolate doesn’t really like heat so you best monitor and turn the heat down or off as required).

Serve with mixed fruit and other condiments.

Än Guete, Bon Appetit.