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Lindt Master Chocolatier Blog

Discover some insights from the Lindt Master Chocolatier and learn some of the mysteries of fine chocolate and what makes Lindt chocolate so special from the expert.

Our Master Chocolatier Thomas Schnetzler is truly passionate about chocolate and Lindt.
In these Blogs, Thomas shares some of his insights into the world of fine chocolate and Lindt.
Reach out to us for topic suggestions or if you have a chocolate question for Thomas.

Ask The Maître

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       - Tina W

      ' Hi there. Love your chocolate!!

       How do I best store it? Thanks!'


Hello Tina,

Nice to hear! 

Great question.
Our chocolate is complex in flavour and unfolds its full potential when enjoyed at room temperature.
We store our chocolate between 14-16 °C which is the ideal temperature.
Best store your Lindt chocolate in a cool dark place to protect it from the elements.
If are in the warmer parts of the country and store it in the fridge – place open chocolate in a sealable bag to protect it from odours and moisture.
And best bring it up to room temperature before enjoying it.
With chocolatey regards,

The Blogs

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