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Chocolate and Coffee - A Magical Combination

There are many synergies between coffee and chocolate and it is no surprise that they are two of the most popular food items in the world.
But why do people adore the combination and enjoy a square or two of Lindt chocolate along with a cup of coffee?

Both coffee and chocolate are unique as both are quite complex in their flavour profile.
Bitter notes, fruity highlights, caramel and woody tones, even subtle smokiness… All are flavours tones that can be found in both cacao and coffee.

Cocoa in particular is made up of hundreds of flavour nuances which is also why chocolate can be created with so many different inclusions. Just think of dark chocolate with zesty flavours such as orange or cranberry. Herbal notes such as crips, clean mint, the classic combination of including earthy and roasted nuts or the spice of chilli and even spice mixes. All work harmoniously with the flavour of chocolate.

When enjoying the coffee and chocolate together, coffee brings out and highlights certain flavours and enhances particular aspects in the chocolate and vice versa which is also why quite often chocolate cake recipes contain a little coffee as part of the recipe. The coffee makes the chocolate cake taste more of chocolate.
It may not come through as a strong coffee flavour, but the coffee brings out the chocolate flavour in the chocolate cake which is intriguing.

Even the way they are both grown has similarities with both originating and being grown in tropical areas and both are grown naturally in the shade of other trees to be protected from the elements. The way that both coffee and cocoa beans require to be roasted to create the flavour profile is another shared synergy – even though cocoa is roasted and a milder temperature to coffee.


So which Lindt chocolate do you choose to go with what coffee?
Most of the Lindt dark chocolates work really well with black coffee. Be that a chocolate with a fruit inclusion such as EXCELLENCE Orange Intense, or a pure cocoa chocolate such as EXCELLENCE 70% Cocoa.
The flavour profile in the chocolate with harmonize with the bitter nuances in the coffee and the sweetness in the chocolate will round off the combination just perfectly.
So a double Espresso with EXCELLENCE 70% Cocoa is stunning, while coffee that is not as intense such as a Long Black is a delight with a chocolate such as Lindt EXCELLENCE Dark Sea Salt Caramel which provides that complex note of bitter caramel and tantalizing sea salt.
Chocolates with intensity yet a creamy finish such as Lindt EXCELLENCE 90% Cocoa is impressive with a Magic while milk based coffees such as a Piccolo or a Latte work well with the nutty notes in Lindt EXCELLENCE Roasted Hazelnut and the breakfast coffee of the Cappuccino of course is a delight with a chocolate with some dairy notes such as Lindt EXCELLENCE Extra Creamy or for a dark choice Lindt EXCELLENCE 78% Cocoa.
There are numerous combinations and half the fun is to discover how well they work together.


So how would you best enjoy them together?
As a Master Chocolatier, I would always recommend you prepare your palate and senses by smelling the coffee first and discovering those roasted aromas, fruit flavours and deep richness.
Then smell the chocolate where you experience the complexity of the cocoa, the fruity notes, vanilla and luxurious bouquet.
Importantly I would always take a sip of the coffee which warms up your palate which then allows for the chocolate to melt decadently and luxuriously on your tongue.
Continue to exhale through the notes to smell the combination and let the chocolate linger on your palate to fully experience the coffee and chocolate combination.
A true delight and I am looking forward to hearing your favourite Lindt chocolate and coffee combination.
With best and chocolatey regards,

Do you have a question about chocolate or Lindt?
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