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Lindt Master Chocolatier Blog

Discover some insights from the Lindt Master Chocolatier and learn some of the mysteries of fine chocolate and what makes Lindt chocolate so special from the expert.


LINDOR at Christmas

No Christmas is complete without LINDOR. 

These unique Truffles are a true celebration of chocolate. The perfect shape for the festive season.

Be it as a gift or a feature of the table setting,  an advent calendar, LINDOR and Christmas go hand in hand.

Us Lindt Master Chocolatiers at Lindt invented LINDOR with its unique, smooth melting filling all the way back in 1949 when tasked to create a new chocolate.

The original LINDOR however was in a Tablet format and not in the Truffle round ball we all are so familiar with now.

It was almost 20 years after its launch while working on product ideas for Christmas, the Lindt Master Chocolatiers experimented with traditional Truffle ball shells and filled these with the smooth melting filling.

By Christmas 1969, we at Lindt began to offer the round Truffles in red wrapper which resemble Christmas baubles.

These LINDOR truffles quickly became a favourite! 

However, once Christmas passed, the LINDOR truffles disappeared without a trace. Surprised, customers began asking: where have they gone? The LINDOR truffles were so sorely missed that, shortly after taking them off the shelves, we made them a permanent part of our chocolate range. They quickly became a Lindt staple and global chocolate phenomenon. 

Lindor being made Lindor being made

To this day, LINDOR is created just like a traditional chocolate Truffle.
Very similar as to how a small Confiserie would create Truffles.
We first create a shell by placing some perfectly tempered chocolate into one half of a ball mould. The second half is placed on top and the mould sealed.
The mould then is placed on a ‘Spinner’ where the mould gets spun around all axis which allows for the chocolate to coat the inside of the ball mould, creating an even and thin layer of chocolate.
Tempered chocolate retracts slightly when setting which allows them to easily release from the mould.
The chocolate filling, which is quite similar to a ganache, is filled into the hollow ball creating the decadent Truffle.
Wrapped in the signature wrapping, the LINDOR Truffle is a truly unique chocolate.

LINDOR Truffles are perfect for Christmas.
For an easy yet impressive advent calendar idea, decorate and number some wooden pegs and secure a selection of LINDOR onto a piece of string.
Celebrate each day with something delicious.

LINDOR also still is stunning to decorate the tree with.
Simply attach a LINDOR Truffle to a decoration hanger and adorn the tree with delicious chocolate.
A true celebration.
Wishing you a very happy festive season.

Your Lindt Master Chocolatier,

Thomas Schnetzler


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