Expertly crafted from the finest cocoa beans, this high cocoa chocolate delivers a rich full-bodied cocoa flavour, with notes of dark caramel and elegant floral tones.
100g net
  • EXCELLENCE 78% Cocoa
  • EXCELLENCE 78% Cocoa
Nutrition facts


Servings per Pack: 5
Serving size: 20g
Average Quantity: per serving per 100g
Energy 482kJ 2410kJ
Protein 1.8g 9.2g
Fat  - total 9.4g 47.0g
        - saturated 5.8g 29.0g
Carbohydrate 4.6g 23.0g
        - sugars 3.6g 18.0g
Sodium 2mg 12mg

Cocoa mass, cocoa butter, sugar, fat reduced cocoa powder, milk fat.

Dark Chocolate contains: cocoa solids 78% min.
May contain tree nuts and soy.

Clients reviews

A wonderful bar, creamier than most, with a lovely saturation of chocolate. It does not miss the vanilla of the 85%bar and gives a well balanced experience. The 78% bar could replace the popularity of the 70% once more people are exposed to it because it rewards the desires for extra-dark, less sugar, without one missing the reduced sugar content. All in all, a great bar that will make a lot of people happy.

My lovely Cocoa chocolate

From the words of a self-claimed dark chocolate aficionado, who is in reality only a novice just beginning to dip her toe in the rich sea of immense flavors brought on by the cocoa bean in its not technically raw but most technically superior state, this chocolate is proof that a higher being still exists in our world- one that has not yet failed us in the craft of compressing nature's most recognized contribution to the ontogeny of human pleasure within a slim paper rectangle enlaced with promises regarding the potential of the contents inside. In this case, the validity of the promises held true. Lindt's Excellence 78% Cocoa is the perfect balance for someone who's outgrown the increasingly-obvious-to-the-tastebuds flatness and now seemingly overwhelming sweetness of the 70% bar, but has yet to adapt to the bitterness of the 85% bar. For the true self-claimed connoisseurs.

BEST CHOCOLATE EVER!!! I love it, especially with some milk.

This chocolate is perfection. Hands down lindt's best work.

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