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Chocolate, Lemon and Lemon Thyme Petit Macaron

These small macarons with a generous amount of filling are true classics. This easy recipe celebrates the refreshing combination of chocolate, lemon and lemon thyme.

15-30 minutes

Lindt Excellence Extra Silky




  • 100g Crème Fraîche 
  • 1 Lemon, Zest 
  • 150g Lindt Excellence Extra Silky White, chopped 
  • 13ml Lemon juice (about 1 tbsp)
  • 13g Butter, unsalted
  • 2 twigs of fresh Lemon Thyme 


  • 90g Icing sugar, pure 
  • 75g Almond meal 
  • 8g Cocoa powder 
  • 2each Egg whites

Best prepare the filling a day in advance and allow to set overnight at room temperature.


  • 1

    For the filling

    • Bring the Crème Fraîche to a gentle boil along with the lemon zest and half the Lemon Thyme to infuse.

  • 2


    • The Lemon Thyme and add the chocolate.

      Create a smooth ganache using a stick blender.

  • 3


    • The lemon juice and butter.

      Mix to smooth. 

  • 4


    • The picked leaves of the remaining Lemon Thyme and briefly blitz to chop the leaves without making them too small.

  • 5


    • Directly with cling film and allow to sit at room temperature overnight.

  • 6

    For the Macarons

    • Combine the icing sugar, almond meal and cocoa in a food processor and mix until smooth.

  • 7


    • The mixture into a bowl.

  • 8


    • A firm meringue with the egg whites and the sugar.

  • 9


    • The meringue into the almond meal mixture and slightly work the batter with a spatula until mixture begins to soften.

      When the mixture falls slowly off the spatula, the mixture is the right consistency.

  • 10


    • A round piping nozzle, pipe around 2.5cm macarons.

      Lightly tap the tray on the bench and allow to rest for 1 hour to form a crust on the surface.

      This will ensure the macaron get little ‘feet’ once baked.

  • 11


    • At 150°C for around 12 minutes. (Overcooking them will make the shell crisp)

  • 12

    Once cooled

    • Fill generously with the filling and sandwich together.

  • 13

    The macarons

    • Are especially delicious when left in the fridge overnight when the shell softens by the filling, making it the true delight it is famous for.


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