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Sablé Breton with Excellence Milk Sea Salt Caramel Carrés

Sablé Breton are delectable, rich and buttery shortbreads. In Brittany, butter is truly celebrated and this shortbread makes a perfect base for the chocolate carrés which combine deep flavours of caramel and finest sea salt.

Around 10 individual cakes (7cm rings)

30-45 minutes

Lindt Excellence Milk Sea Salt Caramel



For the Sablé

  • 2each Egg yolk 
  • 10g Glucose syrup 
  • 120g Raw caster sugar
  • 10g Vanilla bean paste 
  • 120g Butter, unsalted, really soft
  • Pinch Fleur de sel sea salt
  • 190g Plain flour 
  • 10g Baking powder

For the Carrés

  • 135ml Milk 
  • 15g Custard powder
  • Little Vanilla bean paste 
  • 200g Excellence Milk Sea Salt Caramel 

The Sablé are stunning simply with chocolate chunks through the mixture as well.


  • 1


    • Together the egg yolk, sugar, glucose and vanilla until pale.

  • 2

    Stir in

    • The soft butter and mix until well combined.

  • 3


    • Together the flour and baking powder.

  • 4


    • Into the egg, sugar and butter mixture until a dough forms.

  • 5


    • Onto some clingfilm. Wrap and place in the fridge to firm for 2 hours.

  • 6


    • The oven to 180°C.

  • 7

    On a lightly floured surface

    • Roll out the dough to a thickness of 5 mm.

  • 8

    Cut into circles

    • Using a ring (such as an egg ring) and transfer the dough circle with the ring onto a paper lined baking tray.

      Baking it in the ring will help the sable keep its crisp shape.

  • 9


    • With remaining dough.

  • 10


    • For around 10-12 minutes or until golden brown.

      Set aside to cool.

  • 11

    For the custard Carrés

    • Mix little milk with the custard powder to create a slurry.

  • 12


    • The remaining milk and vanilla to the boil.

  • 13

    Once boiling

    • Temper the custard powder mixture by adding a small amount of hot milk. 

  • 14


    • Back into rest of the milk and cook to a thick custard.

  • 15

    Take off the heat

    • And mix in the chocolate. Stir until all dissolved and set in a container lined with baking paper.

      Place in the fridge to set.

  • 16

    To serve

    • Cut the set chocolate mixture into squares using a hot knife and top the sablés. 

      Decorate with chocolate shavings and caramel.