Lindt Excellence

When it comes to pure chocolate indulgence - Lindt Excellence is truly a masterpiece

Created in 1989, Lindt Excellence was created by of one of the Lindt Master Chocolatiers who, inspired by world travel and his love for fine food, set about experimenting with different blends of cocoa beans and percentages of cocoa, aiming to create a truly special tasting chocolate. The result was the 70% Cocoa block of exquisite dark chocolate. Its flavour, aroma and texture were so extraordinary, they called it Lindt EXCELLENCE​. ​Since then, Excellence has grown to include a diverse offering of flavours and a range of cocoa rates.

Get ready to embrace chocolate with all your senses and explore the delicious world of Lindt Excellence. Follow the tasting advice from our Lindt Master Chocolatier, Thomas Schnetzler, and you’ll soon be a chocolate expert. Remember, practice makes perfect​ ​make sure that you are not in a hurry. Time is needed to complete a truly exceptional tasting experience.


Overall, quality chocolate should have a silky sheen and even texture. You will find a wide range of different tones of brown depending on the type of chocolate and the percentage of cocoa.

Both the chocolate and its packaging give your senses certain impressions and expectations of taste. Savour the process of slowly opening your Lindt Excellence chocolate before tasting - this all contributes to your sensory enjoyment.


High quality chocolate should melt with your body temperature. Hold a piece of chocolate between your thumb and index finger and gently rub. Once the chocolate begins to melt, feel the texture. You want to look for an absolutely smooth texture. The particles in Lindt chocolate are so small that our chocolate is never gritty or rough, you should not be able to feel the particles with your fingers.


Can you hear a “snap” sound when you break a piece? Quality chocolate will break easily and neatly.
Dark chocolate has a clear, sharp snap, milk or white chocolate has a gentler snap because of the milk content.


Bring the chocolate close to your nose to inhale its aroma. Does the chocolate have a distinct smell or is it subtle? Do you detect any other scents – such as vanilla, any spices, or fruit flavours?


Put a small piece in your mouth, let the chocolate sit on your tongue and begin to melt. Make sure you inhale through your mouth and out through your nose – this allows for the flavours and aromas to fully penetrate your senses.

Now bite the piece a few times and concentrate on the taste and texture. Is it spicy, sweet or salty? Fruity or nutty? Can you tell which fruits? Is it earthy? Use your palate to savour the chocolate and challenge yourself to identify intricate flavour nuances. Also discover the length of palate as well as the smooth and velvety mouthfeel.

Master Chocolatier Tip: ‘Best to have a palate cleanser on hand between each tasting. We recommend room temperature water and unsalted crackers.’

Excellence sets the standard across the world

‘When it comes to discovering your perfect dark chocolate the variety of cocoa percentages that suits you, the experience of savouring chocolate is entirely subjective as everyone tastes chocolate a little differently.’ - Lindt Master Chocolatier, Thomas Schnetzler.

Excellence Smooth Blend 70% Cocoa

Created with a balanced blend of specially selected cocoa beans to reveal a smooth, mild aromatic taste experience. Perfect for your first introduction into high cocoa chocolates.

  • Latte Macchiato
  • Vanilla Tea
  • Gamay
  • Galliano
Nutritional Information
Excellence 70% Cocoa

This renowned 70% cocoa chocolate is aromatic and reveals intense, deep roasted cocoa flavours with notes of dried fruits, balanced with a hint of vanilla.

  • Double Espresso
  • Australian Shiraz
  • Green Tea
  • Red Vermouth
Nutritional Information
Excellence 78% Cocoa

Discover the rich, full bodied taste of cocoa as it melts evenly on your palate leaving a delicious, lingering flavour.

  • Cappuccino
  • Rosé
  • Tea with Milk
  • Champagne
Nutritional Information
Excellence 85% Cocoa

A fine dark chocolate with robust cocoa flavours that give way to hints of roasted coffee and delicate citrus notes. To fully appreciate this fine chocolate, we recommend that you break off a piece and allow it to gently melt on your palate to release the full range of flavours.

  • Strong Flat White
  • Muscat
  • Assam
  • Whiskey
Nutritional Information
Excellence 90% Cocoa

This full-bodied dark chocolate is rich yet smooth on the palate with an alluring, earthy aroma and profound cocoa flavour. To fully appreciate this masterpiece, we recommend you break off a piece and allow it to slowly melt in your mouth to release and savour the full range of flavours.

  • 3⁄4 Latte
  • Tawny
  • Jasmin Tea
  • Smooth Gin
Nutritional Information
Excellence 95% Cocoa

This luxuriously intense dark chocolate is rich and profound on the palate with a distinct depth of cocoa flavour. To fully appreciate this masterpiece, we recommend you break off a piece and allow it to slowly melt on your palate, to release a decadent and stunning flavour bouquet.

  • Double Shot Latte
  • LBV Port
  • Russian Caravan
  • Armagnac
Nutritional Information
Excellence 99% Cocoa

The deepest of brown in colour, this chocolate has a firm snap and a mesmerizing earthy aroma featuring notes of roasted coffee, dried plum and liquorice. Truly intense flavour, full bodied cocoa notes and balanced sharpness melts slowly on the palate with delectable smoky and roasted flavours with hints of fruitiness. The smallest amount of demerara sugar provides richness and depth without taking away from the intense cocoa flavour. The perfect choice for truly sophisticated palates (and a delight with a fine Cognac.)

  • Ristretto
  • Petit Verdot
  • Assam
  • Smoky Single Malt
Nutritional Information

Heading About Pairings

Fine chocolate such as Lindt Excellence is complex in its flavour profile with dozens of nuances making up the flavour of dark chocolate.
This broad flavour palate is what makes Lindt Excellence pairs well with a broad selection of beverages.

Here are some stunning pairing suggestions to go with your favourite block of Lindt Excellence.

Double Espresso

The complexity of this chocolate is delectably paired with the robust and intense flavour of a double espresso. Sip the espresso and continue to savour the chocolate. The fruitiness of quality coffee with notes of brown sugar work to balance the flavour and provide a taste sensation on the palate.

Australian Shiraz

This chocolate provides complexity, balanced intensity, an amazing length of palate and a stunning bouquet of flavours including hints of fruity notes, caramel and honey. Select a wine with red fruit characters to add an extra dimension to the dark chocolate. Try an Australian full-bodied Shiraz with red fruit and peppery characteristics to create the perfect pairing for this unique chocolate.

Green Tea

The delicate grassy and silky texture of the Green Tea enhances the intense, high cocoa flavour creating a truly perfect match. The deep flavour of the tea wraps around the richness of the chocolate leaving a fresh taste and long palate. We recommend to enjoy this tea pairing without any sugar, milk or other additions to preserve the robust attributes, which makes this pairing truly shine.

Strong Flat White

A strong flat white would be a delicious pairing for this block’s deep cocoa characters, hints of vanilla and deep notes. The rich, deep flavour with a smooth finish of the flat white provides a rounded mouthfeel and a great contrast to this big chocolate.


These deliciously sweet and subtle wines make ideal partners for the robust flavours and intensity of this high percentage chocolate. The fruity character, earthy tones and hint of vanilla from the chocolate contrasts the sweetness and honeyed character of a Muscat. Australian Muscats pair perfectly with our 85% Cocoa chocolate.


Assam tea is known for its tart, malty flavour, vigorous body which pairs extremely well with the earthy tones of this rich and intense chocolate.

3⁄4 Latte

A Latte might not be the obvious pairing for this high percentage chocolate, but the creamy mouthfeel of the coffee is mirrored in the chocolate and combining them creates a melt in the mouth feel which only enriches and softens the cocoa character of Lindt Excellence 90% Cocoa.


This chocolate is undoubtedly dark but it also elegantly refined and surprisingly smooth. The rich cocoa characteristics are perfectly balanced with notes of vanilla and creaminess. The classic wine match is a Tawny, which brings rich flavours, some sweetness and silky warmth. A Port or Pedro Ximenez works just as well. Definitely a combination to savour after dinner.


The summery fragrance of jasmine-infused green tea leaves counterbalances the brisk, deep earthiness of 90% cocoa. The tea’s lighter, flowery notes draw out the dark chocolate’s complex flavours of dried fruit and roasted sugars.

Double shot latte

The cocoa flavour is bold and sophisticated with notes of deep roasted hazelnuts, smokiness, vanilla and even hints of roasted coffee which work perfectly well with this strong coffee.


This is a big chocolate with a surprising melt. The cocoa flavour is bold and sophisticated with notes of deep roasted hazelnuts, smokiness, vanilla and even hints of roasted coffee, which the sweetness of a Port levels. and combining it to a truly sophisticated match.

Russian Caravan

This is a big chocolate with bold cocoa flavour and sophisticated notes of deep roasted hazelnuts, smokiness and vanilla. The subtle smoky tones of Russian Caravan tea is an intriguing pairing for this big chocolate.


This chocolate is a true all-rounder. The citrus notes of the candied orange and earthiness of the almonds come alive with a bold coffee. Rich notes of roasted beans and a hint of spice harmonize with the delicate dark chocolate and citrus making this a true feast for the senses.


The defining flavour of this classic chocolate is candied orange, perfectly balanced with dark chocolate and earthy almonds. Wines with sweetness, marmalade and citrus flavours such as Botrytis or a Late Harvest Riesling with fruit notes provide a warming background to this exquisite chocolate.

Earl Grey

Orange intense is a true classic chocolate with zesty citrus notes and earthy almond harmonizing with delectable dark chocolate. The subtle and gentle muscatel flavour of this tea is the perfect accompaniment to this chocolate, bringing together the citrus and rounded cocoa flavour.

Weak Long Black

A mildly roasted coffee bean with mint and citrus notes in a weak long black pairs very well with the fresh flavour of the mint.

Cool Climate Cabernet Sauvignon

Cooling and fresh on the palate with balanced cocoa notes, this chocolate pairs nicely with the crisp and minty notes of a cold climate Cabernet Sauvignon. Even wines with Eucalyptus notes work well with this refreshing chocolate.

Moroccan Mint

This cooling and refreshing tea balances delicate green tea and fresh mint. Brewed light or strong and enjoyed sweetened, it pairs fantastically well with Mint Intense. The cooling mint flavour with the subtle cocoa notes and silky chocolate finish is a match made in heaven.

Piccolo Latte

Short, intense yet delectably creamy, a Piccolo Latte is the perfect match for the Excellence Roasted Hazelnut chocolate. The rich roasted notes and decadent nutty flavour of this coffee harmonises perfectly with the smooth dark chocolate and hazelnut inclusions.


The slightly nutty and fruity characteristics of the Gamy grapes in a Beaujolais creates an intriguing harmony and contrast to the rich, roasted notes of the Excellence Roasted Hazelnut. The delectable dark tones and smooth finish of the dark chocolate makes this a truly unique pairing. A slightly oakey Australian Gamay would also make a great pairing.

Brown Rice Tea

The roasted aromas of brown rice tea are a true delight and this nuttiness mingles nicely with the medium sweetness of the chocolate’s roasted hazelnuts and brings out its subtle notes of dark toffee and burnt caramel.

First and foremost, Lindt Excellence provides a unique tasting experience and pure eating pleasure.
There are several benefits of high cocoa percentage. The higher the cocoa percentage the more of the benefits you discover.

Only Few Ingredients

Lindt high percentage cocoa chocolate is pure chocolate created with only very few ingredients.

For example- Lindt Excellence 70% Cocoa is only made with 4 ingredients including cocoa, little extra some cocoa butter, sugar and vanilla. That is it!

Using the 175 years of chocolate making know-how and expertise the Lindt Master Chocolatier, turn this into pure chocolate decadence.

The Lindt Master Chocolatiers over 175 years of chocolate making expertise turn this into pure chocolate decadence.

Lindt Excellence for Vegan Diets

As these high cocoa percentage chocolates are made of only very few ingredients, apart from 78% Cocoa which contains a small amount of dairy - all the Excellence Cocoa Percentage chocolates are perfectly suitable for Vegan diets.

Less Sugar

Lindt Excellence Cocoa Percentage Chocolates = Less sweetness (or sugar)

With the Excellence Cocoa percentages ranging from 70% all the way to 99% cocoa, these high cocoa percentage chocolates boast less sweetness as they contain less sugar and therefore are perfect for chocolate lovers that are conscious of their sugar intake.

Explore the full range

Different ingredients and flavours combined with the finest cocoa is something that truly fascinates the Lindt Master Chocolatiers. Finding the harmonious balance of a gentle heat of chilli, the zestiness of orange, to the perfect roasting of nuts and selection of other ingredients is achieved with passion and dedication along with years of expertise to create chocolates that are both distinctive and extraordinary. With so many Lindt EXCELLENCE flavours, is there a better way to enjoy chocolate?

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