Gifting Chocolate at Christmas

Gifting Chocolate at Christmas

Everyone loves to receive some delectable chocolate around Christmas. It is the perfect stocking filler, small gift, table decoration and even a little 'pick me up' during the busy lead up to Christmas. Offering small treats such as delicious chocolate actually is a very old tradition. As a matter of fact it can be traced back as far as medieval times. In the lead up to Christmas celebrations, biscuits were baked in Central Europe which were spiced with cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, almonds and dried fruit. All incredibly expensive and exotic ingredients at the time, they were the ultimate treat to offer loved ones at Christmas. The immense popularity of chocolate in the early 19th century which was something new, exotic and of course delectable, made it the perfect gift for such a special time of the year and we at Lindt are proud to continue this tradition and offer some amazing chocolate creations every Christmas.

Gifting some wonderfully finished chocolates, discovering some different flavours of Lindor or sharing delicately and intricately finished Pralines around the table is something truly special and every year us Master Chocolatiers aim for new culinary heights. By the way... The name of one of our most popular creation around Christmas- Lindor has a rather interesting story behind it. It is combination of the two words. Lindt and the French word for golden (d'or) which truly captivates the luxurious, smooth and velvety chocolate experience that is Lindor. Lindor has enchanted chocolate lovers for over 60 years which is when this delectable culinary jewel was first created in the renowned round shape as a Christmas decoration. As the saying goes, The rest is history. You can learn more about the Lindor history here.

Baking still very much a part of many peoples Christmas as well and the smell of spiced cookies or gingerbread baking fills the air of many streets all around the country in the weeks leading up to Christmas. My Brunsli cookie, which is a classic Swiss Christmas biscuit which boasts a delectable crust and a rich, chocolatey center, makes a perfect home-made gift and are delicious to pass around the Christmas table. You can find the recipe for it here. From all us we would like to wish you and your families are wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Your Lindt Master Chocolatier

Thomas Schnetzler



Brunsli Christmas Cookies