The unique melting point of fine Chocolate

The unique melting point of fine Chocolate

Savouring a piece of fine chocolate such as Lindt is one of life's true pleasures. 


It is truly magical how this culinary delight is solid and luxuriously glossy at room temperature, yet melting gloriously as soon as it hits your tongue, unfolding an amazing and complex flavour bouquet.


Savouring the chocolate reveals the unique creamy texture which we all know and love as well as a stunning length of palate, comparable with finest wines and what we refer to as 'mouthfeel'. Simply put- the creaminess and smooth texture of how the chocolate feels in your mouth when it gloriously melts.

Cocoa and chocolate is exceptionally complex and somewhat mysterious. 


So what makes fine chocolate so unique, so exquisite...?

The secret of the unique melting point of chocolate lays within the cocoa butter.

Approximately half of each cocoa bean is naturally made up of cocoa butter, a truly remarkable ingredient, with the rest of the bean made up of the solid part.

The solids provide the deep colour, the complex flavour and bitterness where the cocoa butter provides the smooth melt and that unique creaminess.


Cocoa butter is quite complex and made up of eight different crystal formations which all have a slightly different melting point. Only one of these formations provide the sheen and the unique snap in the chocolate hence the chocolate requires to be tempered


Quality chocolate has a melting point of around 26° C.

This is one of the main reasons that the chocolate provides this luxurious melt and sensual feeling on our tongue as of course it melts below body temperature.

(And provides some challenges when storing chocolate in a warm climate such as in Australia)


The way us Master Chocolatiers select, handle and refine the beans to turn it into stunning Lindt chocolate is also a big part of what makes it so special. 

Just like a wine maker is selecting and blending grapes, we are selecting and blending the finest cocoa to create the perfect blend for a delectable chocolate.

You can find out more about the Lindt Difference here.


So, savour each piece of Lindt chocolate to discover the amazing texture, smooth melt, complex flavour and indulge in the fine chocolate from us Lindt Master Chocolatiers.


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Bon Appétit

Thomas Schnetzler