Chocolate & Tea

Tea and chocolate, opens up an endless world of enticing and exciting flavour combinations. The plentiful blends that characterise tea and chocolate allow for an indulgent multi-sensory experience.

Step by step guide to tea and chocolate tasting

Now you have brewed the perfect blend it is time to taste the tea and the chocolate together. To achieve the best results when pairing flavoured chocolate, take your cup of tea and slurp some of the liquid so that it sprays to the back of your mouth reaching the furthest taste buds. Make sure you breathe to take full advantage of the character of the tea. Swirl the liquid to coat your mouth and swallow, then take a bite of the chocolate.

This process will increase the temperature of your mouth and allow the chocolate to melt quickly and evenly so that you can savour the tea and the chocolate flavours together. When pairing chocolate with a high cocoa content, the process of tasting the chocolate is reversed so that you eat the chocolate first then sip the tea. The rich cocoa will be softened by the warm tea and ensure that all flavours and tones are heightened.

Did you know…

Tea will ‘cream up’ when it starts to become cold, this means the liquid will begin to cloud as though you have added a touch of milk. Tea that has ‘creamed up’ should not be used when pairing as the personality has been altered and it does not represent its true flavours.

Try Lindt EXCELLENCE Orange Intense and Earl Grey

Orange Intense is a true classic chocolate with zesty citrus notes and earthy almond harmonizing with the delectable dark chocolate. The subtle and gentle bergamot flavour of this tea is the perfect accompaniment to this chocolate, bringing together the citrus and rounded cocoa flavour.

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