The Lindt Difference
Have you ever wondered why some chocolate just tastes better? Discover the five steps Lindt takes to craft its gourmet chocolate

The LINDT Difference Finest Cocoa

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Unique Roasting & Grinding

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The Lindt Invention

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Best Ingredients

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Finishing with Perfection

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Best Ingredients

At Lindt & Sprüngli we believe high-quality chocolate can only be made with high-quality ingredients. Just as we select our cocoa beans from renowned places in the world, we source our other ingredients from the preeminent regions across the globe. And we take the same care processing these ingredients as we do sourcing them.

When it comes to finding ingredients to complement our unique chocolate flavour, we take great care in selecting some of the finest ingredients from all over the world.


Chocolate and nuts go hand in hand, especially when the nuts are roasted to perfection, and grown in the world’s best orchards like for example hazelnuts from Turkey and Piedmont, Italy.


From orange to blackcurrant, our chocolate and fruit flavour combinations are as innovative as they are delicious.  


The spices we add to some of our chocolate, such as Pink Peppercorn, Chili and Fleur de Sel elevate your tasting experience.  

How we roast our nuts

Unlike other chocolate brands that outsource their roasting, at Lindt we roast our nuts in house with a process we refined over the years. The Lindt Maître Chocolatiers use touch, smell and sight to determine when the nuts have been roasted to perfection, and mix them into the chocolate to lock in their flavour.

first item
Roast in a large drum
second item Mix into chocolate
Noun The birthplace of conching, Bern is also the capital of Switzerland. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
“Fleur de sel’s fine crystals and delicate flavour make it the perfect finishing salt to pair with chocolate.”
– Lindt Maître Chocolatier
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Raspberries and chocolate! Delicious!
Zürcher Chocolate Tart
A culinary tribute to switzerland’s largest city!
Hot Chocolate
The movie "Chocolat" inspired the Maître Chocolatiers at LINDT to create this superb hot chocolate.