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The Lindt Difference Unique Roasting and Grinding

There is chocolate; then there is Lindt chocolate. Discover the secrets to chocolate perfection...

Unique Roasting and Grinding

At Lindt & Sprüngli, we have our own unique process for roasting and grinding our cocoa beans. After meticulously selecting and blending the finest quality cocoa beans, the cocoa nibs are roasted to release their beautiful aroma and flavours. Then we grind them for a fine finish. This whole process is done in house, by us, to ensure we continuously produce perfection.

Master Chocolatier roasting cocoa

How we grind our beans

“Roasting the cocoa beans brings out their rich, chocolatey notes."

- Lindt Master Chocolatier

How we prepare our cocoa beans for Roasting and Grinding: 5 Key Steps

1. Harvesting the cocoa beans.

2.  Fermenting and Drying.

3. Cleaning.

4. Winnowing - separating the cocoa nibs from the cocoa bean shells.

5. Steaming the cocoa nibs.

Then it is time to roast and grind...


To prepare cocoa beans for roasting. This process involves using blasts of air to separate the cocoa bean shell from the cocoa nib.

Roasting and Grinding Cocoa Beans - The Numbers


Aromas that are present in a roasted cocoa bean



Years that Lindt has been roasting and grinding its own unique blend of cocoa beans



Year French inventor Monsieur Dubuisson creates the first table mill for grinding cocoa beans


How We Roast Our Beans

The History of Roasting and Grinding Cocoa Beans

Centuries ago, when they initially arrived in Europe, cocoa beans were roasted over a fire and often ground in converted flour mills. This produced a gritty chocolate with very little flavour. Luckily, the chocolate making process has come a long way since then. At Lindt & Sprüngli, we consider roasting and grinding to be two of our specialties.

We know that successful roasting depends on timing and temperature. We understand our cocoa beans and have found the formula to produce the most flavour from every single bean.

We then grind our chocolate to a uniquely fine finish – which is why our chocolate is so silky and smooth.

Finest Cocoa

The Lindt Invention