The Lindt Difference
Have you ever wondered why some chocolate just tastes better? Discover the five steps Lindt takes to craft its gourmet chocolate

The LINDT Difference Finest Cocoa

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Unique Roasting & Grinding

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Unique Roasting and Grinding

Lindt’s special process for roasting and grinding cocoa beans is all done in-house and is essential to the rich taste and velvety texture of Lindt chocolate. After selecting and blending high-quality cocoa beans, we roast the cocoa nibs to bring out their aroma and flavors, and then grind them to a uniquely fine finish.


How we grind our beans

“Cocoa beans are roasted to bring out their rich, chocolatey notes.”
– Lindt Maître Chocolatier

5 steps to preparing cocoa beans for the roasting and grinding process


1. Harvest cocoa beans

2. Ferment and dry

3. Clean

4. Winnow to separate the cocoa nibs from the cocoa bean shells

5. Steam the cocoa nibs


Now it’s time to roast and grind

Noun To prepare cocoa beans for roasting, this process involves using blasts of air to separate the cocoa bean shell from the cocoa nib.

Roasting and grinding cocoa beans, by the numbers


Aromas that are present in a roasted cocoa bean


Years that Lindt has been roasting and grinding its own special blend of cocoa beans


Year French inventor Monsieur Dubuisson creates the first table mill for grinding cocoa beans

How we roast our beans

The history of roasting and grinding cocoa beans

When they first arrived in Europe centuries ago, cocoa beans were roasted over fire, and often ground in converted flour mills, which resulted in gritty chocolate with little flavor. Today, roasting and grinding are two of our specialties:

roasting at Lindt involves the perfect balance between temperature and timing to make the most flavorful chocolate. And the way we grind cocoa beans to a uniquely fine finish is one of the reasons Lindt chocolate is so smooth. 

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